We have a time-share in the Sarasota area in Florida. This past fall management of some 40 units were told that they had to convert to DTA boxes as mandated by FCC in order to convert the digital signal to an analog signal. Our option was to install two DTA boxes in every unit (one for each TV) a total of 80 boxes or instead install one multi DTA or MDTA for the entire complex. Management had the MTDA box installed at a cost of about $10,000 under the impression that the MDTA box could be up graded from expanded basic services to the next digital starter level or the separate individual boxes could be rented by unit owners who wished to pay for the additional service.

Unfortunately Comcast has recently informed management that the MDTA box cannot be up graded to provide the extra service which would include channels of MSNBC, History, C Span 2 and 3, and several other channels. Also with the MDTA box in place it is not possible for unit owners to rent a box to upgrade their TV's in there unit. The only solution suggested by Comcast is to remove the MDTA and install a DTA box on every TV. That would enable unit owners to rent an additional box to get additional channels.

This is like going back to the horse and buggy days. We cannot get digital service and cannot expand the service unless we eliminate and scrap the $10,000 MDTA and put at least two digital boxes on each TV. The situation is unbelievable especially when the Comcast basic expanded package is so limited and their lack of technology makes it almost impossible to expand the services.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Tv Service.

Location: Longboat Key, Florida

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Maybe you and the rest of the home owners should be involved in the decision making when it involves a large community set up like that. If the community approved it you are at the communities mercy not Comcast.

Functionality of cable company equipment is explained during the sales and installation process. And if you are not sure ask. The worst question in the world it the one you don't ask. Furthermore, your lineup is custom to some degree.

Again this goes back to who voted to have the system installed and they should have made you aware.

As it appears I side with your frustration, but this is the community managements fault. They did not do their duties with including the residents.


The funny part is that Comcast owns NBC, which owns MSNBC and they can't even show their own programming with their own MDTA. I have been installing HD Video Matrixing systems for Country Clubhouses in the area.

They get 4-8 cable or satellite receivers and we matrix them to up to 32 TV's. The matrix costs a little up front, but it's cheaper in the long run by not having to pay for 32 separate boxes from the providers every month.


Here is a link to the Vecima MDTA that Comcast is using:


It digests QAM channels (in the clear or scrambled) and spits out analog versions.


It is a little surprising that History and MSNBC aren't included in the MDTA lineup though


quit whining like a girl.... get direct or dish or live with what you've got.

there is more to life than tv.

go and spend some time with your family and turn the freakin tv off.i assume the time share is for vacationing so get out of the four walls and do something constructive with your time!!!

the mdta is much more user friendly and less likely to cause a bunch of head aches like individual catv boxes do.


The other option is to run a second inside plant from the MDTA's bypass port. This port does not have the analog channels that the MDTA generates, but does have the entire digital lineup.

(It is exactly the same signal that is fed into the MDTA.)

Running a separate, parallel inside plant might be cost prohibitive. On the other hand, it might be the shortest path to a solution!


Comcast works with the tools that are available. You did have the optiong to use the dta box which even the gov't were giving away for those who did not have cable or dish.

The dta box was for basic subscribers and if you wanted to upgrade it would have been taken out and you would have gotten a new box. I would suggest talking to your mangt and let them know how you fell.


Yes, and I have a lifetime subscription to TiVo that I can no longer get!