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From time to time our cable goes out or only shows Channel 8. Despite the fact that analog is to be discontinued Feb 2009, customer reps insist we need to change to digital now or lose channels. Once the rep actually hung up when we tried to argue.

On May 4 I insisted on speaking to a supervisor. Dorothy, supervisor, responded that the reason we have to change is that if something is wrong with our box, they have no more analog boxes to replace it. However, eventually the channels came back on so and the picture is good, so I have difficulty believing it is the box.

On May 5 the channels became scrambled. Some channels appear on two different numbers, e.g. Bravo on 80 and 67. Others have disappeared, e.g. ESPN, CSN, MSNBC. Others are on the wrong numbers, e.g. HSN on 76. The pictures are clear and it is hard to believe that our box has suddenly done this.

I know we have to replace boxes this year. But we are still paying for Expanded Basic and shouldn't we be able to receive it? Is there any governing authority where I can file an official grievance?

Grace Wohlsen, Philadelphia

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Bertrange, Luxembourg, Luxembourg #13094

sorry bra the conversion to digital is all the networks converting to digital based on government laws. When everything turns digital it will free up frequencies in the air for government use not to mention the *** load of money that is gonna be bought by wireless companies just for air.

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