We installed Comcast service in September with a promotion of Digital Preferred & Xfinity Internet for 12 months.

From April, the cable tv bill went up by $20. When asked about this they said that Cable TV promotion was only for 6 months and Internet for 12 months. But the work order was with speicific wording 'Digital Preferred & Xfinity Internet for 12 months'.

Contacted the Manager and nearest Customer center. But nobody is ready to accept the wordings on the Work order. Just going by their system record - 6 months cable and 12 months internet.

We are fed up with this type of cheating. Hope that their days will be over soon.

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Glad I checked the reviews as my husband and I decided to cancel the service prior to installation this week. You saved us a true headache. :)


Same here!! Don't know if they are in your area, but I switched to ATT U-VERSE and they are WORLD'S BETTER!!


Get over it. Did you need that extra few months to make your first million or what? Losers like you just *** people off with your whining over something tha you probably didnt read or understand from the get-go.

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