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I would like to know whether anyone else has experienced billing problems with Comcast. We have been a customer for a long time.

When we got the Triple Play for about $115, they keep changing the price, making it higher, no matter what we do. Then, they change it to 'fix it' and it always ends up a higher rate in a couple months. We have conversations on the phone with them for 30 min. to one hour, multiple times.

They always readjust it, just to have it change in a couple months (not six). Has anyone else had this problem? They keep saying it will be one way, but change it. Add money onto the bill, change the rates, etc.

Have you had this happen? How do you get a reasonable rate from this company?

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I signed up for automated payments. They would bill me one amount and then deduct a higher amount every month.

an amount higher than my statement. The only way to stop was to cancel the automated payment. My bill should have been $62.24. They billed me for $358.97.

When I called in to complain they told me I owed $7 more than this. They can't get it right.


I am having all the same problems as everyone else. When you call you get different answere there billing department stinks and now they have new billing statments and my gosh its even more confusing.

How can I complain and get some answers?

Im going to switch to Verizon but I here they are not much better. We need more choices.


I agree - the customer assistants DO NOT give out the same information. I was told to contact the Public Service Commission for phone and cable - the problem is that each part of the bill is regulated by someone else (phone, internet, cable). Internet: Attorney General.


I also have had continual problems with Comcast and thier billing. I also have triple play and for whatever reason my bill always runs anywhere from $145 to $156.00 there is never any consistency. When I call comcast to complain, like you they also adjust my bill or credit me, but it never changes. To add insult to injury have you found that they try to charge you a month ahead of time!? Arrrggghhh....

I have called Pennsylvania Utility Commission on them and unfortunately, they are not regulated by PUC -- so basically they are a monopoly and we are screwed. I am on the phone arguing with Comcast every other month, no lie. It also seems as though there are not any set procedures with this company, none of the representatives are consistent with the information they give out. You can call two or three times and there is no consistency as if they make up as they go along.

Did I say I hate COMCAST!? I am giving serious consideration to Verizon FIOS, phone and internet service, but I also heard they were really no better....

Is there anyone who is interested in contacting our state (PA) legislators to see if we can have them regulated by PUC?


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