Memphis, Tennessee
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Comcast has a commerical that says Comcast cares about their customers that is a lie. The CEO and employees know they have corner on the market.

We have to tolerate their rude customer service. I got pick up a DVR box and they were none availiable. I told to make a second trip. The lines at the service center are very long.

I have a back back. I will have to wait in line or call a lazy not on time tech. How do we get our congress to deregulated these suckers. Memphis customer service the worst.

I call the corperate office got no help.

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#494101 is email address of CEO of Comcast


There is a company by the name of Pro com that do cable also,but I just ant never heard of them before.And the technicain was the rudest person you can ever meet .And to have a job at people house shouldnt be.How can they handle that matter.And he wasn't even at my house Yea :(

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