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I have a complaint about Comcast and their collection of fees that should not be. I am sure I am not the only one who is hit with these fees, and also am sure that many people don't realize this. Last month I had a shut-off from Comcast, because I was not able to get all my bills paid (who is?). The disconnect notice said I would be charged a $5.00 reactivation fee for each of my services (Cable, Phone, Internet) that are shut-off if not paid. I called them, made payment arrangements by making a credit card payment then (12/31/10) and a post-dated check for the rest (1/15/11) with a $4.00 fee for making this arrangement. The check cleared, and I thought everything was ok, until I got my bill and found they still charged the $15.00.

I just got off the phone with them, and they told me that they could charge me the fee, because they did shut my service off. They claimed that in the middle of the night, while I was sleeping, on 1/4/11, they shut off my services for non-payment. They then immediately turned my services back on because I had made the post-dated check payment. In doing this, they were legally able to charge me the reactivation fee, and they will not remove it. Their explanation was that the post-dated check was not enough to NOT turn my services off, but was enough to immediately turn them back on. Like What? I mean WHAT? I feel this is just a way that Comcast, the largest cable company, and now owner of NBC Universal, finds a legal loophole in which they can charge additional fees to customers without them realizing it.

What burns me the most, is that Comcast is adding this additional charge to people who, in a shut-off situation, obviously can't afford it anyway – us lower class. I just started working again after 26 months of layoff, and am trying to get past bills caught up. If there was someone other than Comcast I could use, I would switch because of this – but there isn't, so I can't. I am stuck paying their "illegally motivated" fees.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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My story: I changed my credit card - normal thing, no? Yes, in the normal world.

Not for comcast. I tried to update the autopayment to a new card, the website was giving me errors. So I made a 1-time payment, tried to talk on their chat (ridiculous, the representative disappeared for half an hour, in the middle of a 'conversation'). I went online again and set up automatic payment, and I THOUGHT I WAS SUCCESSFUL.

So now I logged in, it's fricking February, and the auto payment is still not working AND THEY CHARGE ME LATE FEE.

*** yeah, a great business plan - I'm giving them my credit card and saying 'hey take the money', they refuse to take it on time and charge me for late payments!!!!! How a wonderful business plan they have, to screw things up themselves and charge customers for it!!!!!