Mount Laurel, New Jersey

S.F. Giants game.

Lost HD rep told us that they could send out a service tech for a fee.. Phoned back got a different rep who sent a signal and within 10 mins. we had the HD back..why don't you train your personal in your product and how it works. We pay an incredible amount of money for this service.

No wonder why everybody is pissed off at Comcast..This is why customers are dis-satisfied with the service and are looking for better options Managment are you listening?? What does it take to get decent service in the U.S that we pay so much for.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Tv Service.

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CONcast Kim Edwards is a major MOMO for writing an email asking you to work off the clock w/o pay LOL ROFL LMAO Edwards & Comcast = major FAIL AWESOMESAUCE YOU=WIN

8) :grin :p


FTC hits Comcast CEO Brian Roberts with $500,000 fine. So what he makes over 30 million per year. Brian needs to reread the Comcast code of conduct where he tells employees he will not tolerate dishonesty from us. Why is he on Obama's jobs council? He should be fired. Do as I say, not as I do. Obama's slogan about "change you can believe in" should really be "the more things change the more they stay the same".

It's worse being an employee. At the Lynnwood, WA call center a fat sup named Kim Edwards sent an email requesting off the clock work. We are winning a class action lawsuit against them. Our lawyers are experienced and successful at winning this kind of case and we have the evidence. Comcast thinks that hiring a Perkins Coie lawyer will intimidate us. It just proves that they know they are going down and have a lot of money to waste


Saw the 4 Xfinity commercials during the Giants/49ers game, NOT DURING COMMERCIAL breaks... I think I'm returning my boxes in the morning.


they need to stop showing *** commercials DURING THE GAME.....WE WANT TO SEE THE GAME NOT BUY XFINITY SERVICE


You use Comcast. That is your first problem.