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Comcast internet works (at times) times which are NOT the times I use the internet. I am a gamer and I have a degree in computer science with an emphasis on networking (So believe me I know my stuff) ..

The internet works just fine for the most part, until about 5pm m-f when everyone starts getting home and hopping on the internet, at which point it becomes USELESS. My game of preference is Modern Warfare 3 which requires a STABLE connection. There have been countless times where I join a game only to be kicked out immediately after, kicked off the game server, kicked from xbox live. The internet reconnects and is again usable, for about 3-5 minutes.

The time is now 10pm on a sunday (there is moderately high wind outside) and I have been trying to play 1 full 15 minute game for the last 2 hours but have been kicked off every 5 minutes. Speed is not the only thing that matters. For the most part comcast's speed has met expectations. The problem is in this thing called jitter and packet integrity.

If there is foul weather or it is a high-traffic time of day the internet bogs down so bad I am often better off tethering off of my phone. I have called Comcast several times to be told that I should check the coax connection from my modem to my wall... umm.. the connection that has been there since the house was built?

I'm also told to reset my modem which occasionally temporarily helps.

I have yet to receive an open answer from comcast stating that their internet is worthless during high traffic times. Bottom line, if you are A) a serious gamer, B) a movie streamer or C) a business owner who requires STABLE and CONSISTENT UPTIME stay away from these guys.

Monetary Loss: $130.

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I phoned Comcast yesterday:

Operator: "Hello, welcome to Comcast Customer Service, how may I help you?"

Me: "Hello, I called because I have been getting slow internet for the past month, and I wanted to see what you people can do about it."

Operator: "Sir, please give more details. Is your internet slow all the time? Or is it slow some of the time?"

Me: "It is only slow most of the time. Its okay some of it."

Operator: "Okay......(static)......(static)...."

Me: "Hello? Hello?"

It turns out the call had dropped. due to their "outstanding" service.

Please do yourself a favor, do not even think about getting Comcast.


I think you have accurately described a problem that Comcast has all over the country and that they have not solved and make many excuses for.

Here in Frederick Maryland, what is now Comcast used to be Adelphia, and the owners of that company are in prison.

I say this to assure you that you are not dealing with an honest, above board company, and that, giving companies monopolies tends to incentivize them to give whatever service is available and gouge for it. I just paid a $ 125 Comcast monthly bill today -- no cell phones -- and I think mine is relatively small.

I am surprised there aren't more complaints about flawed Comcast internet service on the web.

Bert Gold, Ph.D., FACMG

Frederick, Maryland, USA

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