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This is the culmination of several frustrating conversations I've had with Comcast over the years. As with most other "media providers" I've purchased products through, working with Comcast is a constant game of smoke and mirrors and haggling in an attempt to not get ripped off.

The main reason I'm submitting this complaint is due to Comcast's awful customer service.

First, their website claims that they have customer service available 24/7. Yay! I'm deployed to South Korea, so with the time change this is great. Unfortunately, they do have customer service available... if you count a recording that informs you that their service center is not open. How is that helpful? It's not, only misleading.

Second, I tried taking care of my business via the chat option. Also unfortunately, this service is outsourced and is of terrible quality. As with previous experiences, it was an uphill battle to get anywhere with the representative I spoke with. Excessive and redundant courtesy, 100% read-backs of everything I requested, and general excessive rambling. If you want to make your customers happy: cut to the chase, be professional, clear, and concise, and don't waste their time. See attached image for the transcript of the chat that is so laughable it might go viral on Facebook.

Overall, this single event wasn't the most awful customer service experience I've ever had. It was, however, the straw that broke the camel's back and thus prompted me to write this complaint. I know that having a huge customer base causes all sorts of difficulties. When a company pretty much has a monopoly over a certain area and outgrows its ability to take care of its customers, this is the result. Gone are the days of the mom'n'pop places that actually care about their clientele.

Monetary Loss: $5.

Store Location: Seoul, Seoul

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Will never deal with them again! Moved and tried to stop service.

CS person could not take disconnect order. Told them I was marrying and spouse had Comcast.

Went to their office and PIF bill. Months later they reinstated part of a balance due and turned me over to two collection agencies for the $15.00 balance.