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I setup service with Commast in October 2011 to get a "Bundle" package that came with a $300 gift card - I have called numerous times to get the status of that gift card and there have been numerous messages taken but no call back... So I've been paying $200 for this bundle package including phone, internet and cable for7 months but was never able to get the home phone to work so I've called them out 3 times and all the 3 times it "FIXED"...

not so much. They come back out yesterday to tell me the exterior cable box has to be wired for a phone... so it's not compatible for a home phone, I can only run one line through the internet??? It only took them 7 months to figure this out.

So they were scheduled to come back this morning and setup the phone line to the house, NO SHOW. I called and spoke to one person, she says yeah I can take care of you, please hold... then the automated system comes back on so I go through the number game.. push 1, push 2 push *89..., get another person who swears they can get it figured out, PLEASE HOLD, then the automated system comes back on so I go through the PRESS A NUMBER GAME AGAIN...

5 Reps and 2 HOURS later I get someone else so at this point I'm done with the whole process so I asked to speak with superviosr, after holding for another10 minutes I get an automated voicemail.

I left a voicemail and lost 2 hours of my life and I'm no closer to getting my phone working or getting cable to the 2 extra bedroom or getting the $300 gift card that was part of my agreement. If your considering Comcast please consider what your tme is worth to you and you might find what I've found - Their cost out ways their value...

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Bundle.

Monetary Loss: $510.

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Very sorry you've been treated that way by a company that gets so much of your money. I've had very similar experiences with their customer service.

It's a nightmare. What a shame that they get away with abusing their customers like this :sigh

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