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saturday january 9 internet out called comcast. appt. set for sunday.

no one came. called sunday evening. technician came monday and diagnosed

problem on the pole. he called for maintainance man. no one came

by tuesday evening.

called back tuesday night. there was no record of diagnosis. another

technician came thursday and said problem on pole. he called maint.

man to come that day. he never came.

called friday. maintainance came to pole. no problem there. said

modem was bad. he called tech to bring one. he never came. we went to

wal mart on saturday and bought one and hooked it up ourself.

bill came today and there is a $30.00 service fee for repair!

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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Comcast high speed internet is horrible your modem will go offline everyday five times a day for 5-15 minutes randomly. For some strange reason they cannot fix the problem I'm currently thinking of switching internet services its just rediculous in my opinion.


Terrible ... service is not satisfactory ..

not even close. I'm am so glad I have a choice. I am finally switching to Electric Power Board in Chattanooga, Tn. I wish I had a nickel for every time I have had to call Comcast about various problems.

My bill varies (never have figured that one out). My service is horrible (internet an phone). TV is OK.

I quit. After a few years, I've had enough.


i believe there is something wrong with comcast. i suspect (ONLY MY OPINION), Comcast is about to go Adelphia's way, a competitor that went defunct because of management irregularities.

today i wrote a letter to government officials and I will ask the justice department to halt their merger with NBC. I found the company has problems at every level including customer relations, pricing, equipment, management and installations. please write to me at

I want to hear your story. Thank you

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