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I have started a petition for all of us who have been frustrated and wronged by ***-cast/Xfinity, (you can put lipstick on a pig...) and I plan on very SERIOUSLY following up on this. I promise to put my effort in to the following states, NJ & FL, and I need volunteers to use our signatures to do the same in their respective states.

PLEASE CHECK IT OUT AND JOIN! If you can't commit to mailing out the signed petitions to your gov't, simply click and sign and make your voice heard!

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Unreal - I have had to deal with a *** a lot more than that. You don't even know half the story here.

This is only ONE thing. As for this one? I paid my bill. My problem with them is not them shutting my service off for non payment but for not NOTIFYING the CUSTOMER that there is still a remaining balance on the acct and shutting it off.

We are behind by less than $100 bucks. If I had known that an extra 41 would have kept it on? I would have paid it! Why don't you ASK for the entire story before trying to trash someone.

I had also spoken to corporate about this issue and they said they would look into seeing about notifying the customer that there is acertain balance that must be paid to avoid shut off. Again, you don't have the whole story so BACK OFF.

Keasbey, New Jersey, United States #361479

I am all for a legit complaint and i am even for petitions when someone has been wronged but c'mon..........i didnt pay my bill and i got cut off. I am going to start a petition too.

I didnt put gas in my car and it stopped running. I am petitioning the big three because of it.


Would love to sign petition, or at least be able to read it, but I am working off of my phone because my service was shut off today. I made a payment of $140 on Friday but apparently needed to pay an additional $40 to keep service on.

They can't make money off of customers via reconnect fees, late fees, over the phone payment fees, etc.. if they tell you that! And for anyone who wants to pipe in and say something about just pay your *** bill then?

Walk a mile in the shoes we have been wearing for four years. We are doing our very best.

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