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Tomorrow will be exactly 3 months I've had this service and it has been nothing but problems from day one. I have had to call them every week for service issues, two replaced boxes, 8 days without service on one box and the technicians have been to my home at least four times.

Today was the final straw. The same box they replaced last month is out again and I was told it would be 6 days before they could replace the box. I ask to speak to a supervisor to see about getting someone out earlier and the rep told me I could not speak with anyone and I could not be placed on hold until the next supervisor was available. Needless to say the rep told me he was going to disconnect the call and he did.

I tried so hard to be patient but like they say you get what you pay for and I got was a TERRIBLE service and a major headache. Its back to Directv for me.

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you should be charged for the replacement of the boxes! you obviously have an electrical problem in your home that is burning up the boxes.

once they are bench tested and electrical fault is found , you will be charged hundreds of dollars for burning up comcast property with your faulty home electrical system. stop calling comcast and call an electrician before your house burns up next.

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