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I am fed up with comcast and would recommend to anyone to never use them for anything. After only two months of being a new customer i am throwing in the towel.

They have put all kinds of erronious charges on my first bill and refuse to take them off when i had clearly made arrangements with the agent who set up my account. I spent over an hour on the phone with them tonight to cancell my service, was hung up on twice, transfered three times and finally hung up on again. I hate this company with a passion now and will do everything to im interent power to bash tehm any chance i get. I am also sending them a bill from company for all the times that i spent on the phone with them trying to settle these charges.

If they don't pay the bill i will just turn them over to a credit collection agency for non - payment. Maybe i can get one of their attorneys to waste his time with me trying to not pay the bill. i will probably put him on hold a few times, then hang up on him at least three times and basically just yank him around like they have done to me. If you read this before you consider doing business with comcast, you have been warned.

if after i can sympathize with you. Sincerely, Pissed OFF!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $284.

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I strongly agree. Tried to get hold of their installation dept and went through CSR and Supervisor but to no avail.

They do not have any info in regards the installation crew nor do they have a telephone number and/or an email. I had a Comcast Technician climb my 6-1/2 ft fence (because the gate was locked and I was home at the time and no one tried to let me know that they needed to get into the back yard). Also the access to the poles that were needed was on another property and not mine. I do not have Comcast so was pretty upset as there is a reason for the locked gate, we have a pool and also two dogs (good thing they were not out at the time) He was there with another techician who eventually knocked on the door (I think) as I didn't hear him the dogs let me know and when I confronted him about his partner already being in the yard and how he got into the yard he said he didn't know.

Needless to say they took down my birdhouses and did not put them back up. I had a doctor appointment (my husband who came home to take me opened the get for them and advised them that they could be charged with trespassing, unlocked the gate and told them not to do it again. But this was the 2nd time that I had a confrontation with Comcast a month ago another technician proceeded to let himself in our yard and when confronted he told me that if I cut my bushes there would be no need for him to come into my yard. Needless to say the bushes belonged to the neighbor whose cable he was working on.

My daughter had a problem also.

Her neighbor had cable installed and they went right through the middle of her yard instead of the right of way and needless to say the neighbor had a problem when they needed to run a tiller on their yard for tree stumps. Rest assure they did use the legal right of way when they had to replace the chopped up cable.

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