Davis, California
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My roommate and I signed up for Comcast because it was the recommended company that came in the little welcome packet when we signed our apartment lease. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE customer service!!!

Every single month we had problems. My box kept cutting out and the DVR never worked so they had to send 3 different workers out to come fix it/replace the box. It STILL doesn't work all the time. They said they'd credit us $20 for the inconvenience and they tried to cheat and see if we wouldn't notice that that credit never showed up.

Every single billing month we've had to call because they were trying to scam us on one thing or another whether they were saying we missed a payment, they didn't honor a credit, or they were making up charges to add to our bill.

We're canceling our service. FIND SOMEONE ELSE!

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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Winter Garden, Florida, United States #280926

Maybe it's time to defend Comcast and give all you *** a different point of view. I used to work for Comcast and I can tell you that I guarantee you were always late on your bills, have had your acct disconnected because of this multiple times, and furthermore, I know first-hand that Comcast DOES NOT make up charges.

How many promotions do you expect to get. The good news is that whatever cable company you go to will treat you the same way, then because of your own errors, you will complain about them too.

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