Oro Grande, California
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Absolute worse customer service ever, ive been lied to twice. Sat on the phone on hold for 20+ minutes, just to be told nobody can help me and try back again later.

This happened everyday for over a week. After reaching comcast, finally, when i calmed down, I was told everything was resolved (by a man named Brian) and that they will be sure to reduce the charges to 60 dollars and send the new bill to my address 700 miles away from where i'm still paying for service. I was told over a month ago that the service was to be shut off and the boxes would be picked up on a date (my last day in town) and they never showed up. I now just recieved a bill for 400 dollars that i wont be paying.

I'm sorry for those of you who are shackled to the chains of Comcast's sneeky, greedy monopolization.

****If anybody can find me a way or number to call where I won't be lied to or put on hold for 20 minutes, PLEASE email me at DCproAudio@gmail.com****

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:upset Okay, so they lured me in a deal for 12mo internet for $25/mo, but then it jumped to $70/mo after that, they're crazy!

But I called and first their automated system just looped me around and I couldn't even get on hold for customer service rep, when I finally broke the automoated system code and was put on hold for 25mins, I was told I contact the wrong division and I had to call another number only to be put on hold for another 30mins!



Comcast service continues to have problems and customer service is terrible, when will they get competition in our area . they have a monopoly here. Which congressmen do they buy and how much are they paying?


Couldn't agree more. Getting to talk to a live person requires being on hold for > 1/2 hour, then while being transferred getting was cut off.

Of course this requires starting from scratch. My specific problem is the modem we pay $7/mo for stopped working. Wife was told by a tech to take it to Best Buy and they would exchange it.

Took it to Best Buy, they thought I was crazy. In other words comcast as a company is no good, the only competition is Verizon but have heard the are just as bad if not worse.

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