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As a new resident to Houston, I made an appointment for a Cable installation for Thursday, July 31st between 5-8 PM. The service reps contacted me to confirm my appointment the day before. Around 7:30 PM that evening, another agent called me to inform me that my technician was on the way. By 8:30 PM, no one had arrived. I called customer service again, and the agent said he should be expected to come around 9:00 PM because the technician was backed up. The technician never showed up, and I never received a courtesy call to at least notify me not to wait anymore.

I called Comcast the next day to reschedule. I was unhappy that I could not be rescheduled for August 1 on the account that I had been stood up the day before with no notice. Both an agent and her manager confirmed my new appointment for Saturday, August 2 between 5-8 PM. I called a Comcast agent on Saturday at 5:30 PM to confirm that my appointment was still on, and this agent also confirmed.

By 8:30, the technician did not show up once again. I called to find out what happened, and this agent informed me that my appointment had apparently been rescheduled to August 11th from 2-5 PM by the last agent I spoke with. I did not make any changes to my account, and no one even bothered to contact me and let me know they decided to change it hemselves. I would never even schedule a 2-5 PM appointment as I work in the daytime.

The manager I spoke with on Saturday evening rescheduled my third appointment for Sunday, August 10th but graciously tried to see if an emergency tech might be able to come yesterday. The tech could not make it yesterday, and apparently there's no way for me to be scheduled any sooner. I recognize that the situation is out of his hands, but it is absolutely ridiculous that I will have to wait three weeks for someone to finally show up to an appointment they are committed to. I made my first appointment in a timely manner and paid for it in full in advance.

I suppose I have no choice but to settle and wait another week until my next apppointment. Hopefully someone will actually honor their commitment and show up this time.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Installation.

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I wish there was another cable company I could go to.

This is my third appointment that I've been stood up on.

Comcast is the worst cable company in the world.

I cant take this anymore, I'm going to see if RCN service my area.

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