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In addition to all the post about Comcast's lousy customer service, they manage to simultaneously disrespect their customers and shirk their local broadcast duties. They have this thing called "Newsmakers" that is five minutes of interviews on some local topic. Nice idea, right? Sure, if they gave it its own time slot or its own channel. But being Comcast and not giving a *** about their customers, what they do instead is to shoehorn it into the last five minutes of each half hour of some unlucky one-hour show. I've seen in on Joy Behar, Showbiz Tonight, and Dr. Drew, and who knows where else they do it.

What it means is that if you watch or Tivo the show, you get to 25 after or 5 to the hour, and -- poof! -- no show! Instead, you see five minutes of some totally random Newsmakers interview stuck into where you were expecting to see more of your show. The five minutes are not delayed, they are GONE. And it's not just on one showing, but on every broadcast of that episode.

This is so amazingly disrespectful of all concerned -- of the producers and broadcasters of the show, of the viewers, and even of the Newsmakers people (it's hard not to resent them even though it's not their fault that their broadcast interrupts other programming that it's hard to believe that any vendor would do it. Seems like Comcast is just so big that it does whatever it wants, with no regard to the customer's experience. I wish I had an alternative because I would love to see Comcast go bust.

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Cupertino, California, United States #724604

BAD customer service. you can upgrade service online, but you ca nnot downgrade online.

i tried to sign up for performance internet online for $19.99/month. i went through all the steps and eventually hit the "submit" button. instead of approving the downgraded service, i was sent to online chat with their rep. they told me that they don't have authority to downgrade service.

they can only upgrade. once i closed the chat window, my order disappeared.

i'm planning to get rid of my phone service and cable TV with them. i'm just tired with dealing with these guys.


Totally Agree! wondered what those *** newsmaker things were about so lame and un interesting what is the point? thank you for writing about it so well.

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