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Update by user Jun 21, 2012

Ended up with AT&T uverse. Took 7 techs to get it up and working.

However, they came out each time and actually left their cell numbers so I could contact them.

ComCast just had no clue and the people they sent out looked like they had just got out of jail that morning. Don\'t cut corners with ComCast...AT&T has the experience and know how!

Original review posted by user May 18, 2012

Placed a comcast order for phone, internet and any room dvr on May 10th. The installer came out Monday without the equipment.

Friday, they came out without the equipment. After dealing with 5 different people, the any room dvr is not available in my neighborhood. After telling me I had perfect credit, all of a sudden they wanted a $200 deposit, which they would bill me for?

You know the hassel with being here between 3 and 5 and trying to gear your 2 DAYS around waiting for nothing. Will keep the DISH and the AT&T Phone and Internet.

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I used to be a CAE at Lynnwood,WA Tech Repair call center. Comcast Cares Day is a joke.

You had to use a vacation day to participate in the HARD PHYSICAL LABOR VOLUNTEER SERVICE DAY.

Comcast Cares...but not much. Comcast Cares...about $$$.

If you want discounts call the 800 phone number and ask for the retention department. :p

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