Berkeley, California

On 3-15 I placed an order with Comcast to provide me with Telephone, Internet and TV.

I was told the equipment for my order would be at my house by 3-22.

On 3-24, I still had not received my equipment. I called Comcast and asked the status. The agent said he would have to talk to his manager. He came back on line and told me that the person that originally took my order had not "released" the equipment to ship.

He told me as a result of Comcast error, he would ship the equipment overnight and I would have it on 3-25. He gave me a confirmation number and told me that I could track the shipment at

On 3-25 I went on line for 20 min. and could NOT find any way to track my order.

I called Comcast and after lots of waiting got a rep who told me that there is no way to track an order on He transferred me to another department.

The rep from the new department told me that the order was NOT shipping overnight and I would get it in 3-5 business days.

I asked to talk to his supervisor who was Monik Employee# Semo0610. Monki told me that Comcast did not have any equipment to ship due to their vender delays and that all orders in March had been delayed due to this.

I asked Monik why none of the half-dozen Comcast employees I had spoken to had told me this. Instead they all said "you will get your components in x-days".

Monik could not tell me when the order would ship, but it would not be before April. She then told me that I would need to go through the "Order Release" process all over again because this needed to happen AGAIN because the order was delayed.

I asked to speak to her superior and was told that there was no person I could talk to and that Comcast managers do not receive or return calls.

So, right now, I have been lied to a number of times and I have no idea when I will get my equipment. This is not a way to run a company and I WILL NOT accept this kind of extremely bad service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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April 9 and still no router^*&%^%#^%*)^*%&*%^$^$%&^%%^!!@(!@*@!!!!

Seems to me that they are scrambling to compete with U-Verse. In other words, trying to do what they should be doing and not shafting everyone. But they were not ready to break out of their monopoly slump!


I am still waiting for my wireless router. They said it won't ship until after April 1st.

I am very angry.

I finally got my installation fee waived, but it took alot of effort. I feel jipped!

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