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We have had nothing but problems with Comcast in Bartow County, Georgia. Over the last 8 years, our Internet and TV service has been horrible. Poor signal quality, old equipment, bad customer service on the phone.

We have Business Class service. They told us when we signed for it that we would have 4 hour response time and generally have better service than normal home users. This is a lie. Our service went out last night (8 hours ago) and is still out. All they will promise is that someone will be at our office sometime today !! My wife does web site design and hosting and has been down all day!! This is not the first time. Last month they had us down most of 3 weeks while they were "working" on the lines in our area. We have had continuous problems with our TV and Internet signals for eight years, and nothing has improved. Ever.

Comcast is full of incompetent people who have no business being in business. Our biggest problem is that there isn't anyone else to go with in our area.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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We had similar issues with Comcast internet and cable tv. Every time you call you rarely get a competent or honest service representative.

There is one call center where our service seem to get directed that seem to find an excuse to say it's your problem and not their service. When all the computers in the house are not working, the modem lights are not blinking and tv picture is intermittent how is that a customer wiring or equipment problem.

Then they lie and said we should a different modem and they sent us a notice(which they did not). Funny how that our declared outdated modem started working again less than an hour later. They have nothing to offer but excuses and rationalizations for the poor service.

And that includes incompetent service representatives who didn't even know how to get into a computer directory.

They act like they know but they definitely do not know.

The field techs who come to your house tend to be much more competent than the bozos they have in their service centers. There are some issues there as well the service centers are all but useless and a show for Comcast to say they have them.

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