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While disputing a $30 charge that I was not quoted the customer service rep said that the representative was probably afraid to quote that charge! Of course, no one at Comcast has any authority to waive charges.

While trouble shooting 2 additional digital boxes (which we are forced to pay for to have the same service we had before) the tech couldn't get the boxes to sinc up. He said he'd send a tech out. When I asked if there would be a charge, his respone "oh no." Guess what, I was charged and customer service refuses to credit the charge. Relunctantly they agreed to escalate the issue, however, it wasn't possible for anyone to call me back to let me know if the charge would be credited.

I'd just have to check my bill ??? In other words, they won't discuss that matter any further.

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Maybe this will work for you too. I fought Comcast online CS for two weeks over a jacked up Bill and "free" promotional Triple Play services that they would not honor.

Finally I took the order confirmation and bill to the local Comcast/Xfinity office and they removed all of the extra charges and got my bill and services all back to what I had signed up about ten minutes. PLUS the kind lady gave me a 5% store discount, upgraded me with 80 additional channels, doubled my internet speed and gave me a free months service. And she warned me to NEVER order services from Comcast Online and Never contact Online CS.....only work with the local Comcast/Infinity Stores in person if at all possible.

Good advice! It's like working with a totally different company

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