Salt Lake City, Utah
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Update by user May 30, 2013

A technician arrived within the time frame specified and was able to have someone at the Comcast office correct the problem within ten minutes. Something to do with having the wrong switch settings.

It appears Comcast needs to improve their phone support script, and perhaps hire a few more people to shorten the wait for both phone support and for in-store service (equipment exchanges). I have no complaints about their on-site technicians.

Original review posted by user May 30, 2013

I have had no inbound phone service for four days. Comcast is contracted to provide both internet and phone.

(I watch very little television.) I have talked with several sickeningly polite technicians in Costa Rica after 15 to 20 minutes on hold, with calls lasting 30 to 45 minutes, but still no phone service (I can dial out but inbound calls go to voicemail). Technicians say they escalate the problem to "Level 2 Tech Support," but I never hear from them. One had me go to the Xfinity retail center, where I waited in line for nearly an hour for a grumpy counter clerk to swap modems. Identical modem.

Identical problem. And the new modem's battery bay was empty so I have no emergency service if the power is out. Another trip. Another wait.

I demanded a visit from a technician today, but have low expectations.

I'm looking for alternate internet and phone providers. I also don't intend to pay for the days without service.

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