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I am writing to in regards to Comcast Cable Television.

My understanding is that the Better Business Bureauhas an unsatisfactory rating of Comcast. My understanding is that they only give two categoriesof ratings - satisfactory and unsatisfactory. Thisprofessional organization found the way that theyconduct business to be poor enough to give them anunsatisfactory rating.

Here are a few websites which list complaints against Comcast:

My understanding is that every posted complaint represents 500 or more actual ones, since many people do not post complaints generally, and specifically to webpages that have no real power to address their concerns.

The behavior towards me has included:

1) Service technicians and customer service represents engaging in consciously vindicitve actions. I even caught them laughing about doing so on more than one occasion. The service tech waited for a key moment in a show and shut off the power to the box right then!

2) Service technicians providing inaccurate informaton (frequently)

3) Customer service represented providing inaccurate information (frequently)

4) Service technicians lying about what problemsare wrong.

5) Service technicians and their bosses consciously trying to evade solving problems.

And, as you can review in the posted complaints, myissues with them parallel the experiences of manyother customers.

Over the course of two years, I have spent, on average 5 and more hours per month trying to resolve problems with Comcast. Please note what kind of disruption to a person's life that this represents. That, over the course of two years, I have spent something like 120 hours - perhaps 6 full days of my life dealing with problems from this company.

And this is the company that we are going to let do national security work for us? Exactly what kind of lunacy is that?

They can't even get a TV to work, and we are going to trust them with our lives?

This company needs to have its corporate charter revoked.

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Eggertsville, New York, United States #25992

There is such a love hate relationship with Comcast. They are the gate keeper to our content.

I have actually come to terms with the idea that they are not really going to improve in any dramatic way. I friend of mine pointed me to to offer suggestions to Comcast.

Others can offer more suggestions and vote on existing ones. Let's let our voices be heard through suggestions.

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