I ordered Comcast triple play more than 2 weeks ago. I spent more than 20min.

w/ them. They said the work is backed up and I have to wait about 2 weeks. I wait for 2 weeks, no one came. I called Comcast and they didn't see my order!

I have to re-order again. I ordered 5 HD boxes and 3 days later they came to my house w/ only 3 HD boxes and 2 digital boxes. I refused. They said they will come back the next day.

Next day, I wait the whole day and no one show up. I just found out today that Comcast just disconnected my landline phone before any one came over here to install anything. Now I don't have a landline phone. I called Comcast again w/ my cell and they said they can give me an appointment in 5 days.

I cannot wait any more and decided to cancel Comcast order. They switch me to another department to cancel and my phone was hanged up! I called Comcast again and they promise me to get someone come in the next day.

I don't trust them any more and they said they will cancel my order. I rather pay a little bit more with Verizon fios triple play than have headache w/ Comcast!

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comcasts service is really bad

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