Mount Laurel, New Jersey
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I signed up for the double play promotion service through Comcast Houston in June 2009. The promotion was for $24.95 bundle for internet service and free basic cable for 12 months.

Since that time, I have received incorrect billing statements from Comcast charging me for upgraded services and equipment that I did not order or receive. I talked with several customer service reps who denied that the promotion even existed and told me that I would be charged a higher rate. I was also told that a supervisor had to review the account and call me back -- no one ever called me. Comcast sent a representative to my residence to retrieve equipment that we did not rent (modem and cable boxes) and he confirmed and made note that we did not have the equipment and that I should not be charged a higher rate for service that we were not receiving.

Finally, I confirmed with a service rep that the promotion was valid and that the bill was $24.95 double play bundle for internet and free basic cable for 12 months with an additional $2.50 service protection plan and approximately $7.31 in taxes. After 6 months, Comcast finally agreed to credit my account for $300.48 but continued to bill me incorrectly for $46.80, an arbitrary amount.

I again called Comcast to get the bill adjusted correctly and was told that the promotion was only for 6 months and that a supervisor was unavailable to talk to me and would call me back. Eleven months later this issue is still unresolved.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Bundle.

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Comcast has been underbilling me for a long time, maybe two years, for my cable and internet. They have discovered the error and now have sent me a bill for over $4890 to recover their losses.

If we had known it was this much we would have cancelled. They are insane!

Does anybody have advice? We do not have $5K for cable and if we did there's no way we would have agreed to this price.

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