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Comcast screwed up my wife's name. I specifically told them how she spells her name 'Laurie' and yet somewhere in their processing, it was entered, 'Lori'. That really bugs her. When I setup the order, I had to have her on the phone to authorize me. This makes perfect sense since I am not her but putting the account in her name.

Well, Comcast did the installation, install guy was great. Logged into for the first time an hour or so after he left and found the mistake. The people on Chat state, not only can they not fix it, but Laurie has to go into a Comcast Office to fix it with her license. Moreover, I am not authorized on the account, so she has to go with my license as well. Wait a minute!! They screwed up the order! Why does she have to go in person! We do a lot of other financial setups and transactions after initial account setup over the Web or via phone, why is Comcast so *** stringent? They had no explanation.

Long story short, she went in and they said they fixed it. We get home, log in, and only on the bill is it fixed. All the "Welcome, LORI" and "You are logged in as LORI" are wrong. Tried to fix it and guess what, they said "you have to go into your local office. This cannot be done over the phone." No, hey we screwed up and are putting you through a lot of unnecessary time waste, so here's a credit. Just a too bad, so sad, sucks we screwed up type of attitude.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Installation.

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Thanks Mustanger, you are spot on. I am the one who makes the decisions.

Guess there is no pleasing some woman, but then they show their intelligence level by making the comments they do.

Wife does not have many pet peev's. But this is one.


UrMom, really, that's ur comment. Sounds like he's the one taking care of things by placing the order.

And, he tries knows what irritates her. You women kill me.

Complain when men don't pay attention and complain like you when they do. There is NO satisfying you I bet.


Um, the name at the login can be changed to say whatever you want it to say. Go to and you'll see. You can change it to greet you as anything under the sun.


Sounds like your wife wears the pants. Man up for goodness sake.


It could have been worse. They could have typed her name as George.