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My Comcast bill went up yet again, as it does EVERY year. I called & spoke to 4 people over a 40 minute period.

I FINALLY reached someone (in customer retention, I think) who agreed to give us the $99.99 rate for a year - because they've started a customer loyalty program LIKE ALL OTHER COMPANIES. Along with that rate was free HBO & SHO for 3 months - which would automatically shut off unless we called to say we wanted to keep it. It just so happens that Verizon became available on our street a couple of weeks prior to this call. So, they were offering usdeals.

Because of Comcast's offer, we refused Verizon's. It's been 3 months, and our bill went up by $20. We called a couple of times, each time escalating the call. They agreed that we were told the $99 rate was for 1 full year.

It's in the notes of the conversation. But, they don't care. They said the person made a mistake telling us that. They are refusing to honor their "verbal" contract to us - and - we no longer can get the deals Verizon had offered us.

C O M C A S T charges a fortune is you get out of a contract with them, but it's perfectly F I N E for them to lie to get your business and once the risk of you switching is gone, they don't care what we were told. T A L K A B O U T B U L L Y I N G !!!!

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I finally got to a really nice person in authority who said "of course they have to honor what they said".....

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