I wrote an email to Comcast describing my surprise at the seemingly random charges on my first bill. If there was any competition, maybe people could cancel their accounts and still get basic Internet and TV service.

In any case, my email was never sent because Comcast's website gave an error after I attempted to send it. I'm guessing they don't get a lot of praise so it's kind of nice to cut off all communication with the outside world. I very much hope that legitimate competition surfaces, meaning that businesses will have to be clear about how much they plan to charge for SPECIFIC services. If not, I will nonetheless get rid of Comcast and their sub-par services.

I do not need their *** TV or slow Internet so much that it's worth whatever they feel like charging one month to the next.

Shoot yourself in the foot, Comcast, and die off as soon as there are competitors. No one will put up with your BS in the long run, so cash in now while you can, as much as possible per dissatisfied customer.

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dear anonymous, did you know that pc magazine rated Comcast internet as the fastest internet on the market today. There are alternatives in every market to comcast (or competition as you put it) but they tend to be much, much slower dsl lines. for example, at&t offers 3 mbps (megabits per second, not megabytes, this is how internet speed is measured) centurylink in some markets like will offer 6-7 mbps for around the everyday price of 49.99. now this is where things get interesting. Comcast performance internet is 62.49 (modem is additional if you don't have your own) at everyday price but their speed is 15 mbps but for an additional $10 a month you could get the blast internet is 25 + mbps , which means for an additional 13-23 dollars more than the competition you get internet that 2x, 3x or even up to 10X faster than the internet. Now do the math, per megabit it is a far less expensive option. which if thats still not fast enough (which means either you never step outside and game all day or you download copious files all day of questionable legality.) there are 50 and 100 mbps options available. these facts debase your claim of slow internet, which i understand that slow is a subjective term so, maybe i should rephrase, if these options are too slow for you i would recommend getting a contractor to lay fiber all the way to your home and get a business class line set up where are no data caps and speeds are near limitless.

Now that the claim of overpriced internet for a "slow" service has been addressed we now move to the issue of the "sub par" tv. I'm sure that based on your knowledge and expertise you are well versed in how the cable company creates it charges. but for those of you that don't know let me enlighten you. companies like comcast (which owns nbc and ther holdings) so even if you go to direct tv or dish you will still be paying comcast to watch any of those channels indirectly cause dish and direct have to pay comcast for those channels, enjoy !!!) but other companies like disney (which comcast almost bought before buying the more expensive nbc...they paid cash by the way) but back to the point, disney owns a bunch of channels including the most watched network on tv....drumroll please...ESPN and in order to show ESPN comcast has to pay disney, and in order to get espn at a manageable price (something like 6-8 dollars a month per subscriber just for espn) comcast had to agree to get a bunch of other channels with it, like A&E, abc family, (abc owned by disney) other espn channels and much more otherwise disney would say the price would be even higher. So next time you're hating the evil cable company for preventing you to get channels al a cart you might as well get mad a Ford or Chevy for building cars that have cupholders you don't use in the back seat. its a product that you buy. theres a reason you don't go to direct tv or dish because it goes out, you have to load the on demand to the dvr through the slower internet before you can watch it 5-10 min wait time usually. so while direct tv did 27 in revenue last year with more customers (direct tv is in almost every market where comcast is in but fraction, direct and dish are far closer to a monopoly that comcast.) comcast did 55 billion in revenue by providing a superior service to fewer people who see the value in reliability and the speed of the internet, as well as the reliability of the television service.

enjoy them apples :)

to tim Greenwood, Indiana, United States #668400

Dear Tim, did you know that rating comcast on the 30 seconds that you can actually test connection speed doesn't really constitute reliable internet access? I have had comcast for 2 and a half years, having absolutely no other choice because they have a contract with my apartment complex.

In those 2.5 years I have paid for 50 Mb/sec download and 5 Mb/sec uploads and have received that speed but intermittent access the whole time. Every time I call them out they tell me it is probably a neighbor screwing up their own network setup causing mine to have intermittent connection (ALL the FRICKEN TIME!!!!) and that there is nothing they can do about it.

So, the next time you want to be a smart *** and tell a poster, condescendingly, that other providers are slower, you might want to look into network reliability within apartment complexes. It is horrible with Comcast.

The worst I have ever seen. Road Runner was far better than this.

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