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Not only did Comcast make me wait several different times for them to not show up, they also let me sign up for an email address that someone else already had. When I would try to log in to a website if the other person already had an account there I would be able to log in to there profile.

One time I couldn't remember my password so I clicked on the icon where they would send it to my email and they sent me a generic password to log on. I ended up logging into the other persons account and was able to see all their information. Including name, address, phone number, and credit card info.

I used to always get the other person's private emails from friends and companies. I was then startting to wonder what emails of mine she was getting. I called and complained to Comcast, all they did was tell me they would look into it. Which they never did.

I am tired of calling them because of constant mess ups on my statements, bad connection with my cable, or internet running slowly or not running at all.

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I fear this is happening to me as well. I am receiving all kinds of personal and confidential information that appears to be intended for another person with the same name as me but that is located several states away from me here in the US.

Comcast tells me they are "looking into it"! I have been able to get the other persons fax number and possibly their address from some of these messages and have been attempting to contact them. I have also contacted a few of the people from what appear to be legitimate businesses that appear to be contacting this other person to explain the issue to them and have asked them to please inform thier customer (this other person with my name).

So far no luck!!!! Been going on for months...

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