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in responce to the complaint yes i am an employee for comcast covering DE, NJ, PA state and evryday we were like shock absorbers for the comcast FOC full of *** equipment that is always the issue so all the customers who wants to complaint pls do and voice it out loud... we were not treated fairly i had enough of this ***....and im saying it again to all the customers who got frustrated with there services in cable tv, internet and phone i am sorry i am just an employee who wants to kick comcast clients who is also an american to change their policy to frustrate customers

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Tv Service.

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I am not sure what review you are responding to, could you reference it? Also, I cannot follow this review because I can't really understand it.

But if you are an employee you should talk with your HR department.

I am not the biggest fan of Comcast and have been desperately trying to switch to another cable provider for years. Unfortunately Comcast is the only one available except satellite.


file a law suit against comcast freedom clients, but not those poor agents who was not treated right at the very beginning, , they are always the shock absorbers and the poor work force assigned in manila national call center didnt treat those poor agents fairly, so pls dont blame agents, blame comcast itself and their filthy tech who are always late, obsurd, rude, unprofessional subcontractor and pls voice out.. this comcast clients wc is american aswell cannot take care customers , its just money for them not the pooor lives of the agents...

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