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We have a Contract with Comcast, this week all our HD Channels disappeared. We called to ask why, THey first said we did not have that package that included HD....

Yes we do ~ we have had it for close to a year, we went back and forth about equiptment, They stated I did not have the eqiptment for HD.... Yes I do or I would not have been getting the HD Channels that I paid for ...FOR THE LAST YEAR! They then stated that they had sent out a letter telling people that HD was going to cost an additional 9.99 a month if I Wanted to buy it, I HAVE A CONTRACT THAT STATES IT IS THE SAME PRICE FOR THE NEXT 2 Years... THEY say that they have the right to change the contract because they sent me a letter, If this is true what is the purpose of the contract, I am told so that you are locked into service for 2 yeears.....

What I heard was ~ so we can lie cheat and steal from you more of your hard earned money because we are crooked that way. Angela Operator ID 3lf said "Yes. It Does." when I said it sounded like fraud to me.

Evan the Supervisor agreed to "let" me pay half for 6 months..., I declined, WHy should I give you more money when you have admitted to me that you are frauding me and you have already made it clear you do not honor what you say? So BEWARE CONTRACTS ARE NOT HONORED BY COMCAST!

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Tv Service.

Monetary Loss: $180.

Location: Dallas, Texas

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me too. they suck.


I just had a similar experience with COMCAST fraud. I was negotiating service and their rep told me if I get the Triple Play package I would have the promo rate for a period of time, then the regular rate, then 2 years of up to 15% increases then MY RATES WOULD BE FROZEN GOING FORWARD.

I bought the service based on those claims. Now that it's time to freeze rates, I got an increase. When I called I got all sorts of excuses; no one could have told you that, that's not applicable to across the board corporate increases, our employee told the truth as best she knew at the time, she might have explained it wrong, we don't have any more increases in the foreseeable future; etc. etc.

etc. Basically to rephrase it was "Sorry sucker. You're SOL." I am filing a compliant with the FCC for COMCAST fraud and I hope as many of you others who had this scam occur to you do likewise. Class action is triple damages.

Help stop COMCAST fraud. Act!