Kissimmee, Florida

I read in the local paper and received Comcast mailing noticces that ALLL customers in my area were being required to switch to digital cable. If we did not do so by March 6th, we would not longer have cable service.

I contacted Comcast and they told me they could mail out the necessary equipment for free. They also said installation was easy and I could do it myself and call for assistance.

The equipment arrived 2 days later. I have 5 TVs but Comcast only sent 2 boxes. When I called, they said there is a maximum of 3 FREE boxes per house, but I would rent the other two for $20 per month ($240 per year on top of the high rates they already charge). I was livid!

I installed the boxes myself and it was simple except, once installed NONE OF THE BOXES WORKED!

I called the number on the screen and was connected with an Agent in foreign country. The Agent's accent was terrible and I have an awful time understanding him. After asking me a series of repetitive questions, he explained that he could not help and escatalated me to a "Level 2" support.

Level 2 service was no better. Although they spoke Enblish clearer, they were not able to resolve my problem. The blamed the issue on my local Comcast office not assigning the boxes to my account. They said they could do that for me but it would take 45 minutes. I agreed and the Agent said he would call me back once the boxes were assigned and the channels were downloaded. He never called back and I went to bed.

The next morning the same problem existed with the TVs. I called Comcast again and explained what had happened the night before. Basically, they ignored my explanation and went thru their script . . . repeating EXACTLY what we had done the night before. When we got to the part where they transferred me to "Level 2", (at 9 minutes on the call), the transfer did not go thru and I was disconnected. Since they had my account number and phone number, I was hoping they would call me back and continue. They did not.

I called back (888-634-4434) and started the whole process over . . . for the 3rd time. This time, instead of transferring me to "Level 2", they transferred me to my local office (804-266-1900), where I am currently sitting on hold.

In total, I have spent approx 3 hours trying to get this resolved.

Any suggestions on how to proceed?

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Service Transfer.

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sell your t.v.


The rep needs to check within your acct to see if you had the right type of cable boxes for your area and see if ur home was servicable (former comcast employee)


In doing this Comcast is able to offer over 100 HD channels and 5 times the ondemand content, and Internet speeds as high as 200MBps. as for the 2 other boxes, they are $2 each per month with 2 free.


I had no idea this was happening! The tv just went off and now I have nothing - I am pissed!


I'm not going to lie, complaining about someone's ability to speak English with a typo (spelling it Enblish) has a strong undertone of irony.


I'm not going to lie, complaining about someone's ability to speak English with a typo (spelling it Enblish) has a strong undertone of irony.