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I have been a Comcast customer for probably 18 years. 13 through my condo which I had no dealings with, but 5 since I purchased my home. For the most part things were fine, despite the fact periodically they raised the prices or required new equipment without letting me know. On several occasions I considered switching but figured the energy in switching wasn't worth the increases.

On 8/24/10, I contacted Comcast to see about having my bill reduced and possibly add DVR service. My friend contacted them and had her bill reduced by about 20% but of course they never do that without you asking for it. Increases are automatic, decreases you have to 'beg' for. In any event I thought it was worth a try, but also thought it was time to get on the DVR wagon.

I entered into a Chat session with an associate and we discussed the options. Of course they were very polite. Little did I know I was entering a state of 'false sense of security.' I figured I had our transaction in writing so if anything went wrong I had 'proof.' Additionally, it allowed me to do other things. Now despite the fact this took an hour and a half (which is too long in my opinion for a consumer or for a company), I went away with a secure feeling that all was set. I triple verified the prices and asked all questions under the sun.

Now the nightmare begins. For the last two and a half months I have nothing but headaches. Firstly, they never showed up for the appointment that I took 1/2 a day off work for. When I contacted them, they didnt have it in the system, despite the fact they had the upgrade. . .but no appointment?? We rescheduled, got a credit for the appointment. Then they didnt show up for the 2nd appointment. When I called to find out what was going on the hold message stated, you have an appointment for the 11th (it was the 4th and it was supposed to be at 11 am) The woman who came on said yes I see notes for the 4th, but maybe since it has passed it kicked it to the next week. Long story short on that, when I got the dispatch manager she told me that person lied. I wasnt in the system! What the @#$%??? She was rude, and when I called her out on that and what I have had to deal with she changed her tone.

A tech showed up at my door 30 minutes later. Finally!

Then the next phase of problems started, my bill was all wrong, the prices quoted where not honored and the install credit wasn't there. When I e-mailed to inquire they told me they said we don't see those prices. . .so sorry. After a solid week of e-mailing I got a supervisor call.

He was a bit snippy with me at first and when I didn't back down he finally listened. He too told me that he doesn't know what I am talking about those prices aren't in the system and never were. I said, as I said at least 10 times, I have it in writing. He said 'oh, well' send it to me BUT it doesn't mean we can honor it. I said really?? So your sales person quotes a price, gets me to agree then you won't honor despite having it in writing??? He said I'll investigate. Well after about 5 minutes he called me back and changed his tune. He agreed to honor the price and said I should see the changes on my next bill.

So the next bill I checked. And sure enough the credits were there, plus the price adjustments except for one. My internet was supposed to be 24.99 for 12 months not 6 months. So they, mis noted. Also there was this new charge for $7.50 for an additional outlet. That charge was never disclosed or quoted. When I inquired about it they said it was because I kept one of the once FREE digital boxes when I added the DVR. I explained I didnt know that, and I put it in a spare room just because. They should have told me. Why would I pay 9.99 for DVR and 7.50 for a spare box?? They said I needed to initiate a chat and have it removed.

Oh yeah and the 24.99 for 12 months never exhisted so they wont honor it. So again I started a chat session and there they told me that A. they can't honor it. When I told them I have it in writing, get me a supervisor, they said basically oh-well nothing we can do and no we can't transfer you to a supervisor. On the 7.50 charge, they changed their story. It is now a fee to get the DVR service. Well I am already paying for the DVR serviece and I was told there wasnt an equipment fee. Yeah, oh well, if you take that off you wont get service, even though I am paying 80 dollars for service, if I dont pay the 7.50 I wont get any. WTF??

So I decided to write the same supervisor from before and explain the situation again, with all in writing. He has chosen to not respond to me this time. No phone calls no e-mails. I so want to send this to the newspapers. It is wrong. They quote, get me to agree then change EVERYTHING and honor only 80% but after I have to fight for 2 and 1/2 months.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Service Transfer.

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:upset they are ***

they do hang up on customers, they will not disconnect when you want to end your service, they are rude. they are horribly disrespectful.

south florida is the WORST!

i am in yet another DEBACLE with them this time to discontinue service.

they can go to blazes and i hope they get sued from here till tomorrow. i hate this company.

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