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Comcast service really sucks. I scheduled transfer of service and was given 4/23/11 between 2-5, Comcast showed up 3 hrs early without calling. Installation could not be complete due to wiring issue.

Comcast contractor called to schedule completion installation & told me date was Mon., 4/25 between 8-11 am, I told him I would have to *** work without pay & agreed to that date & time.

I called 4/25 @ 9 am just to check and was told my appt. date & time is Tues., 4/26 between 2-5 pm. I wasted my whole day without pay without even a phone call. I have called Comcast numerous times & online chats with no offer of any compensation for my inconvenience. I am seriously in need of another cable provider.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Installation.

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I had to make 8 appointments and 6 of them were cancelled by Comcast with NO notification to me. This seems to be a common practice with Comcast with no regard for the customer. I have notified my State Public Service Comission and I suggest others do the same.


They were supposed to show up at my house today between 5:00 and 7:00. Never called, never showed.

I called at about 6:30 to find out where they were and I was told the service call was cancelled. When I asked who cancelled it, they said the tech called and there was no answer, so he cancelled the service call. I asked what their protocol is - the techs are supposed to leave a voice mail with details regarding confirming or rescheduling - I received no call and no voice mail. We're sorry, he can come tomorrow.

No, I have to work tomorrow. After a half hour of battling with two different service reps, I finally had to settle for Saturday - a full week after I called with the complaint to begin with, because I can't take any more time off of work this week. They are the worst service provider out there.

I have phone, internet and cable with them, and I am treated as though I am annoying them and taking up their time whenever I need assistance. They are awful.

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