Elmhurst, Illinois
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Comcast screws up AGAIN!

After messing up totally over several weeks around Chrstmas, trying to convert to digital, they had to replace my incoming line. Then they couldn't get the package selection correct.

Its cold here, so they couldn't bury the external line. Well, the other day it was cut and when I called to get it fixed, I was told it would take 2 weeks! Well, duh! They put me down for burying it!

No cable for 2 weeks because some *** set up a "bury/drop" appointment instead of repair! They are IDIOTS over there..Dish or UVerse or anything else, here I come!

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after trying for more than a year to get the internet working, I finally went with at&t..and it is amazing to have a working computer. For the longest time I thought my computer was slow and crashing because I needed more memory, but when at&t was installed, it's like I have a new computer!!

The tv situation with comcast is not any better. If I called them every time there was a problem, I would be calling daily. As it is right now, I call about 3-4 times week. I actually have comcast as one of my "5 FAVES" on my T-mobile phone, so that it doesn't burn up my phone minutes.

And, the other reason I do not call everyday is because I am tired of

comcast taking my life away...hours and hours on the phone. I have taken off work to meet a tech at my house, only to have the teck make a phone call and speak to someone and PRESTO! everything working for time being. it's a constant run around.

I was never even offered credits to my account until recently when I myself mentioned that maybe I should get some compensation...and let me tell you 20 bucks a month credit is almost a slap in the face for all the *** dished out by comcast! it's a horrible company, the product sucks and I do not see any improvement at all!! Like I said, I have changed to at&t for phone and internet, and hopefully SOON U-Verse will be available. When the teck for at&t was at my house to install interenet, he did say that he saw the lines dropped for U-Verse...so hopefully very very soon I can fire comcast all together!!...I would love to tell the teck to cram the boxes where the sun doesn't shine today when he comes to my house again to figure out why my DVR isn't working and none of my boxes will bring up the ON DEMAND feature..this is the 4 time in 2 months this problem has occured, and we have burned through 3 DVR boxes, 4 in 1 bedroom and 2 in another!!

Please hurry U-Verse!! we need you!!!

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