I contacted Comcast to dispute a charge on my bill. The dispute was caused by receiving a service call charge of $60 although no one had ever told me the policy concerning billing. The service technician who came to my home, Donald Harrisken, informed me that the problem with my sparatic internet service was my router. He instructed me to, "Invest in a New Router." The router was purchased by me and not Comcast equipment. Because this was an issue that was not related to a Comcast faulty device I was billed $60. I understand that policy to be fair. What is NOT FAIR is that:

1. I was NEVER informed of this policy to be charged a service fee if it's not their fault PRIOR to them coming out to troubleshoot my problem or PRIOR to them attempting to diagnose the problem.

2. I was NEVER informed that Comcast, a service that I have had for aproximately 4 years, offers a COMPLIMENTARY router...FREE OF CHARGE which could have solved my issue that day.

I called to dispute the charges at approximately 3:30pm on Tuesday, January 7, 2014, due to not being informed in advance of the service fee I would be charged if the issue turned out to be my problem. Had I know, I would first have done some internet research to self diagnose. I WOULD HAVE TRIED TO AVOID PAYING $60. The customer service representative, ID Operator NTO, informed me that, "The technical department should have informed me of the service fee policy while I was scheduling the service appointment." She informed me that since they had failed to do so, she was transferring me to the technical department so that they could credit my account with the $60. Instead of her crediting my account, she INTENTIONALLY dropped my call. She also told me that I could pick up a free router at their North Avenue service center at 1255 W. North Ave., Chicago, IL and that they close at 6pm. She said, "Yep, and they have some in stock." My husband immediately left the home in subzero, dangerous weather to get the router because I run a business from my home and need dependable internet service. He arrived in 30 minutes only to be told that there were none in stock!

When I called back, I spoke with a customer service rep named John, who read me the notes of the previous customer representative (NTO - ID Operator) upon my request. To my AMAZEMENT, she wrote, "I informed the customer that I could not credit her account because the problem with her service was not our fault." That was a COMPLETE LIE!!! She NEVER said that and our phone records will PROVE she never said that!!! John informed me that he could not credit me either because it was not Comcast fault. I requested to speak with his supervisor. He placed me on hold and never ever came back to the phone!! Eventually, after waiting on hold for 33 minutes, my call was rerouted back to the opening menu and I had to start COMPLETELY over for a third (3rd) time. Finally, I received a professional customer service technician named Nico - ID Operator 9H-. From the beginning to the end of the call he was courteous and professional. He was concientious and a pleasure to communicate with. Everytime he put me on hold he was careful to return to let me know the status of my hold. I have been a Quality Assurance Director for 14 years and Nico expemplified what EXCELLENT customer service looks like. I was irrate by the time I had reached him but he still managed to call me and do things right. The other two were COWARDS!! He spoke with his supervisor who approved that I get a credit of half off ($30) if I would agree to add a service package to my account for a minimum of 90 days. I felt blackmailed by this offer (not Niko's fault). In order to get what was owed to me, they placed a demand on me to add services. I allowed them to do it and informed them that I was not happy and had full intentions of getting the remainder of my money back since I was NOT informed that there was going to be a service charge. I must also add that I have paid for services on 3 accounts at three residences simultaneously for over 2 years and have NEVER been informed of this charge...EVER!!! I have had service calls at each residence and no one in the office, nor a technician informed me of the possibility of being charged for the service call.

I asked to speak with Niko's supervisor. That's when the call reached an ALL TIME LOW!! This woman, Linda, was clueless!! She disputed all three (3) previous customer service people who said that I should have been informed prior to sending a service person. She claimed that there was no way possible for them to know how much I would be charged until they came out and diagnosed the problem. My argument is that there are two (2) Phases to a service call: Phase 1 is the Service Assessment. Before the Technician ever arrives at my door, Comcast knows that there will be a $60 service charge if the issue is MY FAULT. They also know that there will be $0 charge if is Comcasts' fault. THAT IS ALL I NEEDED TO KNOW PRIOR TO ALLOWING THE TECHNICIAN IN MY HOME!!! PERIOD!!! Is that too much to ask?? My car dealership tells me how much it will cost to diagnose my auto PRIOR to me pulling it into their garage. They let me know that there will be an additional fee to repair it but they CANNOT tell me THAT fee until they diagnose the problem. The Comcast supervisor denied for over 40 minutes that it is possible to give this service fee policy information to the customer in advance. She claimed that it is the Technician's responsibility to inform me when he arrives and he can not inform me until after he has already looked at my equipment. I argued that IT'S TOO LATE THEN!!! That is a scam policy to disclose fees AFTER work has already been done. Not surprisingly, she says that she gets calls from customers all the time complaining about the charges AFTER the technician discloses them. THE CUSTOMER HAS A RIGHT TO BE INFORMED!! I'M NOT DISPUTING THE "NATURE" OF THE POLICY, I AM DISPUTING THAT I WAS NOT INFORMED OF THE POLICY. This is not a policy issue, its a COMMUNICATION TO THE CUSTOMER issue!!! Have some integrity Comcast!!!!!



1. I want the FULL AMOUNT of my money returned to me ($60). It is not fair to charge a customer for services without informing them in advance.

2. I would like to know the written policy of Comcast on this issue since none of the four persons I spoke to appear to be able to tell the customer what it is specifically. All statements conflicted the other one!

3. I want a credit on my bill for spending 2 hours and 12 minutes on the phone trying to resolve a problem that was never fully resolved due to being INTENTIONALLY hung up on, lied on, and abandoned by customer service.

4. I want Comcast to take the $3.49 Service Insurance OFF of my bill and if I want it I will initiate the actions to put it on it! I have NO INTENTION of being blackmailed!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $60.

Store Location: Chicago, Illinois

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Comcast XFinity! How may we *** you today?


I had no problems. Comcast was doing a routine check of the neighborhood and said there was a problem with my wiring. They did not mention any charges but I was charged $60.


Had virtually the same problem, accept the service tech said there would be no charge because the problems were caused by service being done in the area at the time. Needless to say I've been fighting the $60 charge for 3 months to no avail.

I've used Comcast for over 20 years and their customer service is the worst I've ever encountered in my life. They will say anything to get you off the phone and not have to deal with an issue.

Currently looking for a new provider.

Absolutely HATE COMCAST.


Hi Blonde1820. Don't leave just yet.

An AMAZING woman named Marta Gardner was a Godsend to me and she helped me to resolve ALL of my issues and then some. Here is my official statement to them:

PLEASE NOTE THAT COMCAST HAS MADE ADMIRABLE EFFORTS FROM THE HIGHEST LEVEL TO RECTIFY THIS MATTER IMMEDIATELY UPON RECEIVING THIS ESCALATED COMPLAINT. I have been a satisfied customer of Comcast since 2010 until the date of this incident. The sincere and immediate efforts of Comcast to be fair, accomodating and sensitive to all of my inconveniences, returns me to the status of a loyal and satisfied customer.

Special thanks to Marta Gardner, Executive Response Specialist who went above and beyond the call of duty to make things right on my behalf. As far as I am concerned, this case needs no further attention.

I will remain a loyal customer of Comcast.


Hope this helps. You may want to mention my issue as it was just resolved last week.