Miami, Florida

Comcast has to be the worst company I have ever dealt with in my life. 1 their customer service is on a level to compare it to kindergartener, not only do they lie to their customers to their face but they have inaccurate information at all times, not to mention they fail at doing their own job most the times like setting up appointments....

2 their internet service is a piece of *** since no other words can describe this, I have had issues with them since Adelphia turned into Comcast and still having issues to this day.. 4-5 years now of unstable internet service.

After calling for months now on a more serious note and escalating this issue to supervisors and managers no one has yet to return my call or cared to fix this issue. In my opinion instead of wasting the millions of dollars they waste on advertizing false service, FIX YOUR CURRENT *** SERVICE!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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malisimo servicio al cliente, tienen trampas para estafar al cliente! les recomiendo que no lo obtengan y si lo hacen sean muy cautelosos guarden todos sus recibos de bill`s y pagos para que no les salgan *** sorpresas,y si lo hacen llamen 3 veces al dia para tratar de solucionar la trampa que estan poniendo, van a perder mas ellos en pagar agentes por telefono quelo que querran cobrar de mas, no les recomiendo comcast!

es una pesadilla!!! en una escala de satisfaccion del 1 al 10 yo daria un 0


xFAILity. I used to work in the Lynnwood, WA Comcast call center.

90% of employees are fat or obese. They should move the call center to India the way they worship cows


XFAILity. I used to work at the Comcast call center in Lynnwood, WA.

90% of my coworkers were fat or obese. They should move the call center to India the way they worship cows

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