Los Angeles, California
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I've been with this company for over 9 years and especially over the past year....they have consistently gone up on my cable charges. Just this past year..they have gone up over $36.00 on my monthly bill.

Every month I never know what "magic" charges I'm going to get when I haven't changed a darn thing. This is getting out of control and the gov needs to step in and stomp this company down as they're getting away with gouging.

I thought the BIG MONOPOLY was supposed to be over when MA BELL was disbanded and now we're being gouged by Comcast. I encourage everyone to file complaints with your state govt.

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Accidently purchased a movie but stopped the movie about 15 seconds into coming on, called comcast and was told a movie is charged to account if it's playing more than 10 minutes, CS couldn't tell me if I was charged because it just happened I had to wait until next day but he would leave a note as to what happened. Well I called next day and was told I had for my monthly statement.

Monthly statement showed up and I was charged, I explained the situation and was told it would be taken off my bill. Next bill the charge is still there and I'm being it's a credit, after an hour on the phone with a manager I was told CS keeps telling people charges will be taken off and she don't know why they keep telling cusotmers that.

She said she wiped the charges off and here is another monthly statement and the charge is still there. I only keep comcast because I can't get any other cable company but I'm really really considering getting rid of comcast.

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