Memphis, Tennessee
Not resolved

After a week of being lied to by Comcast, Not returning my calls and totally failing on the install, I have had enough.

This video says it all. Simply copy and paste into your browser since this site won't allow links.

A perfect example of what a monopoly in a given market will produce, lack of competition means they don't have to give their best to get your business and can ignore complaints since they know you have no other providers to take your business to.

I hope this video goes viral!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Installation.

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May 3rd - 2 weeks ago my wife had enough and sent an e-mail to Andy Wise who is an investigative reporter and consumer advocate in the Memphis area. He simply forwarded the email to someone high level in Comcast and two days later our the tech was here and re-ran the cable. But still no word from them about fixing my wall.



There was supposed to be a tech here today to redo the cable runs but as expected from Comcast, they didn't show.

I am at my wits end with these people and I would greatly appreciate any suggestions on someone I can call such as consumer advocates or regulatory boards, etc...

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