Comcast is now encrypting channels; thereby, denying me the ability to view these channels, even though I pay for them.

I subscribe to Comcast's extended basic channel line up, including A&E, History Channel, Food Network, Hallmark, USA, etc. They have used the FCC analog-to-digital conversion as an excuse to include many of their own changes and lie about why/how/when the changes are happening. The FCC announcement very clearly stated that only consumer with analog TVs on an antenna would be required to get a set op (digital to analog (DTA)) box. Comcast's changes required that all analog TVs have a DTA box. Digital TVs did not need a DTA because digital TVs already receive the digital cable signal. However, Comcast started encrypting/scrambling channels above 33 as of 3/31/10 and now I no longer receive channels above 33 for which I subscribe. Comcast lied about what they were doing and for weeks did not tell me the signal was encrypted; they said only that my digital TVs needed a DTA which makes no sense. Why would a digital TV need digital-to-analog signal conversion? Their DTA boxes cause my digital TVs to receive a low-quality analog signal and greatly degrade my service.

Comcast finally started admitting to me that the signal was encrypted but blamed the change on an "FCC mandate". Now they admit that the "FCC allowed" to encrypt. They claim their reason is because they believe consumers are stealing their services otherwise. First, since they serve their signal per service address, how are people going to steal their service? Second, by encrypting they are simply creating a black market for de-crypting boxes as we had for years.

I want Comcast to reverse this encryption change, so that my service goes back to the pathetic way it was; namely, poor programming and hit-and-miss signal reception. At least I was able to view all the channels I pay for most of the time. I demand that Comcast put my service back the way it was. Please help.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Tv Service.

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CONcast Kim Edwards was a major MOMO to put a request for off the clock work in an email. WIN for you. Edwards and Comcast = MOMO FAIL


Go on Yahoo and wite you complaints baout Comcast. Within 15 minutes you will get a respo from the corpoate offices in Philly and it will be resolved. Comcast monitors those postings.

Comcast was cited by the feds for packing the conference room with Comcast employees so consumers could not go into a federal meeting and complain about Comcast services.


FTC hits Comcast CEO Brian Roberts with $500,000 fine. So what he makes over 30 million per year. Brian needs to reread the Comcast code of conduct where he tells employees he will not tolerate dishonesty from us. Why is he on Obama's jobs council? He should be fired. Do as I say, not as I do. Obama's slogan about "change you can believe in" should really be "the more things change the more they stay the same".

It's worse being an employee. At the Lynnwood, WA call center a fat sup named Kim Edwards sent an email requesting off the clock work. We are winning a class action lawsuit against them. Our lawyers are experienced and successful at winning this kind of case and we have the evidence. Comcast thinks that hiring a Perkins Coie lawyer will intimidate us. It just proves that they know they are going down and have a lot of money to waste.

Ginsburg v. Comcast Corporation et al, case number 2:11-cv-01959 western washington district court and king county (WA) superior court case #11-2-34714-1


It is against fcc and federal law to have any cable or satellite company purposely encrypt local channels and they are required to have a clear and un encrypted local channel signal to households.

I smell a major lawsuit and govt/fcc fine pending against comcast/xfinity about that.


Basically you cannot even recieve extended basic cable anymore. get digital starter (using a promotion=they are money savers!) and recieve up to 78 standard cable channels PLUS on demand, movieplex, and digital music channels-all with the converter box for free!

that way you will get all of those encrypted channels plus still have service to all tv's in your home.

and if you want to recieve all 78 channels on all tv's, call comcast and ask for a DTA box-the first two additional outlets in your home are free, and any others are 1.99 a pop. seriously people, do some research.


Ok just to be clear here, you can still get your channels even though they are encrypted. The problem being is you need a cable card tuning device.

There are plenty on the market right now. Comcast will provide you with the card, and charge between 2-6 dollars a month (FCC mandate).

These tuners are capable of everything except on-demand style programming. (Some actually are but are extremely rare) There are actually a lot of good solutions for this.


I woke this AM to find Comcast has encrypted 90% of the channels including local channels and get this one...PBS. Why the *** would you encrypt a public broadcast station.

Comcast is absolutely horrible. First chance I get I am out.


Yes the same thing here i pay for the ext basic service with internet and i was flipping through and found they have 5 main channels are missing and have been put on the digital box now. sorry Comcast if i have to get boxes you better bet i'm getting sat over your *** service...

i wish yall all the bad luck in the world in what ever form it may be... i hate comcast


The FCC never mandated that cable companies had to switch to digital and certainly never told them to encrypt anything. Over the air analog was phased out so they could sell off those frequencies. Comcast switched to digital so they could sell more (useless) channels, they encrypt them for the sole reason of renting STBs. Why would they need to encrypt them if they control distribution by address.

The only reason I never looked at getting a dish was that dishes require a box, now they playing field is leveled to their advantage.

Die comcast, die.


Extended Basic Customer here also.

The problem with the Set Top Box and with the two DTAs they gave me is that NONE of them will pass the cable signal when turned off. This prevents me from tuning in the three networks that are on the cable in clear QAM and in HD. This is a problem with the newer sets that have only one RF input.

The instructions for the Cisco Set Top Box says in the instructions that pressing the VCR/TV will put the box in bypass mode. NOT TRUE. Doesn't work and I believe it was deliberate since when I called them about it, the answer is, "you'll have to upgrade to a digital tier" !!!!!

Oak Creek, Colorado, United States #198754

Ok so two things:

The people at Comcast you spoke too were idiots..

and you sir, also an ***..

The FCC didnt mandate anything in regards to encrypting channels..

What Comcast did.. was switch the signal from analog to digital..

and yes.. you need equipment..(Like every other cable company oh.. and dish)

The reason your not getting those channels, with a digital tv is that they still need the cable box to read them and transmit them..


Comcast can change its lineups when it wants.. you pay for the signal not the channels..

in fact due to contract negotiations with channels, tv stations change which package they are in often.. it sucks.. and customers and company suffer for it.. but hey its money, and its business..

Just remember..


Pretty soon.. internet tv will do it too.. nothing is free.


The Comcast service people on the interactive chat just wasted my time. Twice the two (2) Comcast customer Reps spent 45 times typing how great Comcast is and asked are you satisfied and even when I repeatedly told these reps that I am not they just read from a piece of paper (toilet paper, I presume) given by management.

I have Comcast basic service here in the San Francisco Bay Area and the service is ***. I am now planning to switch to Dish TV!


I just realized today that Comcast started encrypting all channels in my area, not just those above 32 and including local & broadcast channels.


Netflix is a great service, they have a lot of stuff available for streaming. And it's just a matter of time until DSL is fast/reliable enough that I can dump Comcash altogether.

Just like I used to say about USQwest.... :sigh


Eventually we will be paying top dollar for the network and local channels. I was also fooled by the line that anyone with cable doesn't have to worry about the digital conversion, but I went out a bought a new digital TV anyway.

Then channels started disappearing, and I was told I needed a box because the stations themselves were encrypting the signal. Not true. Comcast then said it was necessary to prevent illegal cable reception when in fact it was another reason for them to tack on another charge. They also blame the government, but the FCC never instructed them to take away programming.

They took that upon themselves to make more money. As for their customer service the main reason why it is so poor is because it is outsourced through a BPO company.

(Business Process Outsourcing) My neighbors are dropping the service in droves but we should at least let the government know our dissatisfaction Phone: 1-888-CALL-FCC (1-888-225-5322). There is something illegal about their business practices and they need to be exposed.


The FCC mandate was for broadcast channels only. You do not need any additional equipment to view BROADCAST channels, just like "The FCC announcement very clearly stated"


Comcast is a perfect example of what is wrong with America. A perfect example of how the consumer gets screwed and the government allows it.

The digital TV age has only helped them to come up with a new way of milking the public for money by encrypting channels. I only wanted basic cable and purchased a very expensive TV only to find channels dissappearing daily. This cannot be legal unless the government is in on the scam because that is exactly what it is.

A scam!! I'm done.


I live in NJ. This is A Comcast sham and will eventually result in a class action lawsuit.

Comcast is denying paying customers access to required by law content. The DTA's being offered do not allow leagally required HD local broadcasts through. Until this issue is solved I reccomend a channel 3 bypass from net medeia that will alow local high def programming to pass. This will do nothing for the extended basic cable.

I have had it with this and am ready to put an antenna back on the roof for broadcast and stream everything else I want to see off the net.

I spent a lot of money on a clean wall mounted LCD TV to have the clean look ruined by cable STBs. I'm done.


Cheer up, Comcast appears not to know about qam boxes on channels over a typical 69. My LG picks up ALL unencrypted channels including locals in HD.

Reason: They send everything down a single cable line and I have their high speed web. I have cable outlets around the house.


I live in Fl and the same but as soon as att puts in Uverse i will get it and screw COMCAST

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