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The cable monopoly Comcast has begun double billing for installation (usually around $115). When a consumer calls to start service, they schedule a date of installation, and the customer is told to have a check made out for the installation fee and first month service.

That customer's account is started that same day, and a bill is generated charging the installation fee (the check for which might not get handed to the installer until the afternoon) and first month's service. Bills are generated prior to the service period, and sent out after the service period, so the consumer receives this bill usually about 6 weeks from the time of installation and payment. By that point, they may not remember whether they paid the first bill. If they saved their documentation, they get the pleasure of speaking with a rude Comcast "customer service" representative to have the situation remedied.

If they didn't save the documentation, or just tend to pay bills without question, they get double billed.

The problem here is that this situation is not just occasional or a bad coincidence; rather it is forced to occur routinely by Comcast's dubious business policies.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Installation.

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my first bill is 264.00 that is rediculous and my internet is super slow wtf this is retarded i am about to cancel

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