Blacksburg, Virginia
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For over a month now I've been waiting for Comcast to bury a cable that runs from the road to my house. I've made no less than 4 appointments to have this done and the company continues to loose, delete or otherwise disregard these appointments.

I've called, visited the local office and used the online chat. All with the same results: I am told the appointment is in the system but I can't get a confirmation number so I should just call the Comcast customer service and it will tell me when my work order is scheduled. Needless to say every time I call I get the infamous "you have no appointments scheduled" message.

When I visit the local office I get a run around that Comcast uses subcontractors, only one person has access to the scheduling system in the office, and that person, is of course out. I leave my name, phone number and email but get no response.

Winter is coming and the cable is unburied and I'm not paying my bill until Comcast finishes the job they started.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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I guess the tone of the letter dictates the tone of the response. You must work for the company, because you seem very knowledgable of the inner working of it.

Apparently, no one explained this to this customer or they wouldn't have had to wait for over a month for advice from you. They could have had a utility company come out like you suggested.

Again, I say - it was the runaround or the personnel are not being trained properly.


In most areas there is a subcontractor who buries most, or all, lines over a certain footage. At times there are factors such as a large abundance of roots from trees, utilities, that will delay the bury until all other lines and such are located. You could hurry the process and have these marked yourself by the utility companies in your area, and it is usually free of charge to have it done.

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