Fort Belvoir, Virginia
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Comcast will do anything to get your service and when it sucks they are shocked that you prefer Verizon Fios (which is awesome). When I switched they called me nonstop for 2 weeks asking why I don't want their *** service that hardly ever works.

Once you do finally get rid of it they will still charge you for several months after you no longer have their products. The crazy thing is the customer service representative told me that I should be getting a check in the mail from them for overpaying, all I got was another bill.

If you can get service from ANYONE else I strongly advise it.

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Winter Garden, Florida, United States #280922

Let me tell you, Comcast is the very best company that I have used and I havae had them all. For starters, "Fios" is a scam, as fiber optics or "Fios" have been around since the 90's and all cable companies use "Fios".

Verizon makes you think they are superior by having fiber optics, but in reality they are only using something everyone else has been using for years. People like you fall for this stuff, so don't be overly-hasty in condemning Comcast just because you can't or won't pay your bill on time.

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