Reston, Virginia
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I called Comcast on Sat. at 2 p.m.

to fix my tv cable. He said someone would be at my house before 9 p.m. that night. I called at 7 p.m.

to check the status only to find the supervisor never put a service order in about my problem. Technician came out on Sunday but couldn't fix the problem. Told me someone would be out that afternoon. I called at 6 p.m.

Sunday and was told by rep "we don't really have to come out...we have 24 hours from the time the work order was submitted."

Is now Monday morning--almost noon. Still no technician. Wrote V.P. Germano.

His office supposedly helping me. I'm losing money because I have to stay home and wait on these people. Please, if you have problems with Comcast contact your state consumer affairs office and the FCC. We also need to petition for competition.

Comcast is a monopoly, which is why they don't care about customer service. I'm contacting my state rep and city/county commissioners to bring competition into the area.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Tv Service.

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I have had comcast service for about 2+ years now. I accept the high prices, as I do have a lot of channels and fast internet. However; the service has a tremendous amount of LAG. Very fustrating when attempting to use the POS DVR box. I remember the update back in June07. That was supposed to cure the problems or thats what technical support stated. Instead, the update removed the Microsoft OS and placed a wanna be TIVO style. We lost functionality! I no longer could remove channels from the index that I did not want. Like the 20+ pay per view sports ticket channels, that now I must transition through to get to the channels I want. Also, the recording functions of the DVR, no longer supported choosing a channel or time frames of individual shows. As for the LAG, it is still prevalent. I felt very ripped off, the update reduced the level of functionality that I enjoyed. Now comes the point of the conversation.

Today, I realized the true Corporate values of Comcast. I have been attempting to cancel one of my premium channels. I have been calling support for 2-3 weeks, Each time I called I used the option to cancel services and was recieving a recorded message stating the current wait time was over an hour. 1 hour hold times is completely unacceptable. Sometimes, it disconnected the call automatically "Due to Exceptionally High Call Volume".

Today, after getting the usual response of wait time greater than 1 hour. I hung up. But then I called back, I used the option to add services. I was immediately connected with a service representative. (The service agent I talked to helped me cancel the premium service, so that was taken care of.) HUH, wait a minute. Why would I recieve immediate service to add services but over an hour to reduce services.

Now, yes you can tell me that the digital broadcast transition has increased the call volume. DO NOT GIVE ME THAT LINE OR STANDARD EXCUSE. If that was the case, then the large hold times would be on adding services also. The only reason I can think of, is that they reduce the service that reduces the income for the corporation.

Yes, I finally got the Premium channel cancelled after two weeks, thereby; giving the company increased revenue because I could not cancel what I did not want, when I wanted to, but had to pay for since it was a service connected to my account that was active. Way to go Comcast. Extra half month of premium channel revenue. But the down side is that I am a disgruntled customer who is evaluating other options.

I commend them on thier solid commitment to corporate values and increase revenue.

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