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My condo building has experienced frequent outages with Comcast cable and internet services. Individual owners have called and called Comcast telling them that the entire building is out.

Comcast repeatedly tells each of us that there is no record of other outages and requires each individual to set up an appt. When the first scheduled appt among my neighbors happens, Comcast sends out their tech, who determines a line man is needed, states he will set this up and leaves. Then, a line man arrives in a day or two - and then, nothing... no fixing of the problem. Then condo owners 2 and 3 have their scheduled appts and experience the same scenario.

Meanwhile each resident at my building calls Comcast explaining that the entire building is out, and asking status and about the Comcast trucks spotted at our building, on two different occasions through-out this. (Which come, don't or can't fix the problem and leave). Comcast tells callers they have no record of these dispatched crews in their log system and continues to deal with each caller as if each call is an isolated incident.

Comcast has huge communication issues and if their 'system' doesn't provide a more effective means to solve problems - then they should fix the system. But I'm not waiting anymore at their mercy.

Last outages of a few months ago (5 total) - I had vowed that if this happens again, I would find another ISP. Well, it happened again... customer service/ resolution was deja-vu. The first thing I did with my connectivity to the web is find where I can post my Comcast complaint. My DSL installation is scheduled for Monday. Good bye Comcast! Hello AT&T!

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Installation.

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