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There was a guy operating a drone from a green Ford Excursion license plate BQG6790 on 10-7-21 in Raymond, WA who claims he works for Comcast. He flew his drone up to within inches of my second floor apartment window, using it to look inside, twice.

He has been using that drone to carefully look over local businesses, apartments, and Raymond Federal Bank. I called Comcast Corporate Administration, soon after it happened, to confirm his claim and was told to hang up and call 911, that they do not have any employees that would be flying drones around neighborhoods or homes.

I called Comcast back later and it was explained to me that he might possibly be working for a contractor. But that he should have had a business name on the vehicle he was using and that he should have shown me photo id confirming his claim that he worked / contracted for Comcast.

(All he did was wave his arm around saying "I work for Comcast I work for Comcast," And when I replied that I didn't care who he worked for that he shouldn't be he said, "Oh, whatever, whatever."

Comcast is now saying it will take them upwards of 30 days to verify whether a contractor was working in this area, and that they do not have any standard way for people to identify themselves as working or contracting with Comcast.

In the meantime I have heard that this same person has been in peoples' yards and made them uncomfortable. There should be a standard way to identify who should be given access and these workers should have background checks and should be driving clearly marked vehicles and wearing clearly marked vests.

And there should be a way for community members to quickly and easily confirm or refute if the person entering their yard or operating a drone is legitimate.

Further, all drone operators should be trained to respect people's privacy.

I find it totally unacceptable that there is no quick and easy way to confirm if this individual was actually working or contracting with Comcast.

Comcast could not even tell me if they had a contractor working in the area. The safety and privacy of their customers is clearly not what is foremost in their minds.

User's recommendation: If someone is operating a drone around your home or is in your yard, ask to see their work badge and picture ID. If they don't have them or they don't match ask them to leave. If they don't call 911.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

Preferred solution: 1. Apology 2.Streamlined system to quickly confirm whether a drone operator or person is authorized by Comcast.3. Explicit training that forbids any person or drone operator from peeping in the windows of private residences. .

Location: 1014 Southwest 150th Street, Burien, WA 98166

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