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I have basic cable (about 17 channels), high speed Xfinity interent, and Xfinity home phone service with Comcast. I was paying around $64 a month for almost 2 years when Comcast got rid of my internet/phone bundle deal and raised my bill to $118 / month, which was absolutely ridiculous.

I called to ask them what my options were and was basically told that they couldnt help me. After about 4 hours worth of phone calls, I cancelled my internet and phone service and they made no effort to keep my business. A few months later, I see some great new deals on their website so I sign back up for internet...mostly hassle free. Then this week I decided to sign back up for phone service.

I decided to place my order online since they refused to waive the Activation fee when I called. I had to talk to 4 different agents before they would agree to give me the deal that was ADVERTISED ON THEIR WEBSITE. I kept being told that the speical deal wasn't in their system yet so they couldnt give it to me even though it was ADVERTISED ON THEIR WEBSITE! Anyways, after they finally agreed to give me the advertised deal, they told me I would need to set up a $30 service appointment for a tech to come install a new modem.

I assured them that I already had a comcast modem and they kept firing back at me saying it was a DIFFERENT modem, so I finally relented and set up and appointment. Today I had to take time off of my busy day at work to drive 20 mins back to my apartment only to hear the tech tell me that the modem I had was fine and he has no idea why they sent him since all they needed to do was activate my phone line from their office.

So 40 minutes of driving and 1.5 hours of work missed for no reason. Thanks Comcast!

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Maybe if you get up and get a job instead of living of the taxpayers you won't have this much time to watch TV. Nothing bothers me more then when I hear about someone living off the government and then complaining.

You are not paying Comcast I am. If you earned your own money then you can complain


I absolutely agree with you Geb. i had a very similar problem with comcast.

i also had a bundle with the internet and cable, then when i became unbundled my cost went sky high. i'm only on SSDI and get my money the 3rd of the month. i pay my bill by the 4th or 5th and they's told me i was late, charged me with all kinds of fees, and put me behind almost $300. i couldn't believe it.

no matter who i talked to, they wouldn't work with me. unless i pay the full amount by the end of the month, i'll get totally shut off. i told them like a hundred times i was on a limited income, but they didn't care, just give us the money they said. unfortunately i live in a place where all you can have is comcast.

in my state, they're not regulated so they can do whatever they feel like. it totally sucks. DON"T ever get comcast, they're the absolute worst and very greedy.

They're a corporation, typical of corporations is that they could care less about people, just their pockets. I hate comcast and all their cold, unfeeling employees :( .

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