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Update by user Oct 23, 2011

Finally received my check on October 6th. It definitely hadn\'t \"just been sent out\" when I last called and talked to someone one month prior. Fed up with this company.

Original review posted by user Sep 22, 2011

Back in April, I cancelled my account with Comcast. I had such a hassle with them trying to cancel! I called numerous times, returned my equipment, and was no longer even living in the apartment where the services were scheduled to. After about 5 phone calls and over 200 dollars worth of charges that comcast continued to charge on my account after I had cancelled it, I finally got it straightened out in their system and was told I would get a refund check.

Comcast states on their website that a refund check will arrive to you in 30-45 days. Mine was officially put in the system in mid-June, so late July would have been 45 days. August came around and still no refund check. Furious, I called comcast yet again.

First I was told that a check had been sent, but that they would put a tracker on it and determine if I needed to be sent another check. I was told someone would call me within 5 business days. Two weeks went by and no call back.

I called Comcast back and was hung up on each time I called. After the 3rd time, I put in a complaint online and someone responded saying that I had not returned my equipment, when I clearly had. I replied, informing her that I had, in fact, turned in my equipment and that if that was the best she could do to help, then she needed to refer me to someone higher up.

Someone "higher up" emailed me a few days later, offering me a phone number to call. I called her and got no answer. So I gave another whack at the 1-800 number. After several minutes of being on hold and being transferred 4 different times to "someone who can help me", I finally got in touch with someone who informed me that a check was sent out on September 1st and that I would receive it "any day now". It's now september 22, and still no check. This is absolutely ridiculous.

Never use Comcast!

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Account.

Monetary Loss: $28.

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It's 2012 and Comcast is still pulling this same scam. They say they can't refund the money that they owe you until you return the equipment. After you return the equipment Comcast still bills you for the equipment even though you have a receipt showing it was returned.

Then they keep your money to pay for the equipment that you already returned. They say that receipt was issued by mistake and lots of people still have equipment at home, despite a receipt. They just can't find anything in their records so you get screwed.

Try a local TV station for consumer help, put complaints on the web, file a complaint with the FTC, State Attorney General, your federal representatives, and then go to small claims court. Warn everyone you know that this Comcast scam has been going on for years and Comcast has NO concern for customers.