I have been experiencing bad reception with Comcast. There is an issue with ALL the wiring in my Condo's complex. I have complained several times and have three different Technicians come out. None of them could resolve the problem.

I was told by another tenant that is involved with the Board that Comcast has agreed to rewire units on a complaint basis. Once the owner complains they will get rewired. I have yet to see that happen and I have been paying full price for a service not provided.

My telelvision will become pixelated and knock out the volume and eventually the whole station. I cannot watch back shows I have recorded on my DVR due to the same problem. I also get a big black screen in the middle of my tv where weird characters appears. One Technician had told me it was the TV's closed caption. Um,...I don't think people on tv speak in numbers,percent signs, and individual letters.

The last Technician had the nerve to tell me not to make another service call because I would be wasting my time and Comcasts time. The Nerve!

I have had it with this company and I urge other cable companies to bring better value to their customers. They need to bring more service providers to the consumers so they are not stuck with a company that does not care about them and just takes their money.

I will make sure that my dissatisfaction with Comcast gets spread like wildfire.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Tv Service.

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First of all...Yes comcast only cares about the money. This is Exremely true.

Also comcast is extremely racist. You have to be black to succeed in Comcast. Second of all. Half the people who use comcast internet service dont know what a modem is.

They dont even know how to type. The comcast customer has to be the worst customer on the planet. If your not happy with the service...SWITCH! Issue resolved.

I work for comcast and dont use the services and i get thm for free.

Comcast is a joke. The biggest jokes are the customers who call in day after day. resolve the issue yourself.

Switch providers. If you want real phone service go to a real phone provider like ATT.


I DO HAVE very bad experience with consumer representative.

1)Ttrimitri id #1011168

2)Carnel id # 1011119 . I made a deal for 3 services,tv/internet /ph at 4/16/2010

confirmation #09507297624.with installation day at 4/26/2010 between 16;00 to19;00

no body show up.

I call a consumer services at 4/27/2010

Ttrimitri id #1011168 15;40 for a confirmation, SURPRISE their do not find in a system.

A supervisor suppose to call my in 2 h.NO RESULTS.


pretty sure the black screen is closed caption set on your tv, i have seen it a million times, its probably called text 1 if you go through your options on the tv itself, the reason it is random characters is because of the digital box.

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